Wednesday, September 10, 2008

what a wonderful birthday

I tried writing yesterday but things were just busy busy. Thanks to my husband, family, and friends I had an amazing birthday! I had bunches and bunches of flowers. I wish you all really could have seen my office. It looked like a florist! One of the best parts was seeing my mother pull up outside the office trying to pull 23 balloons out of her car. I died laughing!! She is an incredible woman and that brightened my day in so many ways. (thanks momma) All my flowers were beautiful I didn't even have room to bring them all home. It was truly an amazing day!

I also have to give big thanks to my husband. He did everything possible to make my birthday as incredible as he could. I believe this was the first time he went out on his own without a clue or hints from anyone to decide what to get me. He told me Monday the "gift" was suppose to be here on my birthday (Tuesday) but they called and said it was back ordered and they wouldn't be able to get it to him until probably Wednesday or Thursday after my birthday. He was so upset but I assured him everything would be just fine and I could just get it when it arrived. Well I guess that didn't satisfy him so he went to Janice's Jewelry and bought me this gorgeous necklace and matching earrings just so I would have something to open on my birthday. Well the gift was suppose to be here today. He called me several times to assure me the "gift" was going to be here today that he tracked it. He called around 2:00 upset and very disappointed. I asked him what was wrong and he told me the gift did arrive but he had ordered the wrong thing. When he got home I opened it and it was a Florida Gator Fossil watch..............a mans watch. I laughed so hard inside. I told him it wasn't a big deal at all and told him I was more proud of him to think of something like that on his own. Thank you baby for making my birthday sooooooo special. REMEMBER IT IS JUST THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS!

Just had to share that with everyone. I thought it was very sweet. Thanks again to everyone who made my day so special!!

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Jessica said...

Im glad you had a wonderful birthday!! Something similar happen to Jason.. Bless there heart!! They just dont realize it is the simple gesture that truly matters!! I LOVE IT!! :)